About Bear

How the obsession with Health & Fitness came to be.

Hi, I’m Willem (Bear). I grew up in the Netherlands with two sisters, a very strong mother, and a loving father. We lived in a small village Oegstgeest (try to pronounce that…) away from all the craziness of the busiest part of the Netherlands called the Randstad.

As a kid not wanting to sit down and listen to something that I did not care about made school very challenging, back then they called it ADHD which is why I was medicated for ten years – Nowadays I know that my obsessive nature doesn’t fit into the mold of the educational system.

Being hyperactive, Judo was my savior as it gave me something to do and I was bloody good at it too – After ten years however I didn’t see any reason to continue, so I quit.

Coming off of ten years of ADHD medication, my teenage years and early twenties were rough – I was awkward, out of touch with myself, and addicted to video games. But going to the gym has always stuck.

Not knowing what I wanted and wasting two years on a study called Mechatronics I decided to join the army, this changed everything…

Going through three rough years of military leadership training at the Dutch royal marines I learned how to work together and function under pressure, it gave me the belief that I could handle anything – Sadly I did not make it past the selection due to my obsessive and stubborn nature, I did, however, learn my lesson.

After some solo travel through Europe, I decided to take physical training seriously and enrolled into CIOS (sport science an physical education). It was a blast to my ego as in my head I was still an aspiring marine sergeant, but you adapt.

CIOS showed me how much there is to learn about the human body, and how with the right training I could change someone’s life…

During the 4 (3) years of studying, I traveled to several continents by myself to get some real-life experience about other cultures – These experiences told me one thing, I won’t be staying in the Netherlands.

After getting my degree a friend and I traveled through South America, where I had a profound Ayahuasca experience – An experience that set me up for greater goals in life.

Coming back I decided to leave everything behind and go to Australia to enrich myself, not knowing where I’d end up and not caring either.

The first few months were rough due to the lockdowns, but after getting into a relationship with a mother of three and the owner of a local dojo my whole life changed – I had to become a father to three, a reliable partner, and a trustworthy entrepreneur.

What kept me alive during this period was my obsession with everything related to the body. And after I started incorporating quantum mechanics into my training things started moving at an alarming rate – My training was working……. and I was reaping the benefits.

Fast forward to a year and a half later I can say I feel better and happier than ever – And my position allows me to influence hundreds of people in a positive manner, as well as studying five days a week.

Where my future will bring me I do not know, but I have trust in myself and I have trust in life – As long as I keep investing in others with love, things will turn out well.